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About Sue Toomey

Sue ToomeyMy name is Susan Marie Toomey and I am a mobile holistic therapist specialising in Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Holistic Massage.  I am fully insured and  a member of  UK Reiki Federation. I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years as a secretary until I was made redundant which gave me a great opportunity to look at my life and decide what was the next step to make on my journey. I was lucky as the answer was an easy one; I was already a Reiki practitioner!

Unfortunately, I became ill in 2010 and whilst I was recovering I met Judy Lamb, a complementary therapist and Reiki Master Teacher.  It was during a Reiki treatment with Judy that I knew I had been practising Reiki since the age of 17, which was sadly when my father James John Toomey suddenly passed away.

It was during the last 18 months of corporate work that I decided to study Usui style Reiki I and II with Judy Lamb and then some months later Indian Head Massage. Carrying out daily Reiki treatments on myself and also following the Reiki precepts definitely helped me to deal with the stress of the corporate world. I asked the universe to show me a path out of the corporate world so I could change career direction and my prayer was answered.

After a short period of time to adjust, I carried on training and trained as a Reiki Master. I needed a place to carry out my treatments and after looking at renting various treatment rooms, I decided to have my own calm treatment room built in my garden. My treatment cabin is a little escape in the middle of Addiscombe where clients can relax and destress in a peaceful setting.

Reiki and holistic therapies are my passion and I love carrying out these therapies and helping people to feel better.

I am delighted to say that I am now a Reiki Master Teacher and run workshops to help people on their spiritual journey. Every day I thank the universe for my wonderful life, for everything I have and for everyone I meet on the way!